Runaway to Cheung Chau, Hong Kong!

A while ago I was in Hong Kong to visit family~ I am still getting use to writing a blog and making youtube vlogs. Maybe I am just lazy because I love to procrastinate everything.

But at the same time I love to explore….and Cheung Chau is one of my favourite place to go to in Hong kong.

Cheung Chau is an island in Hong Kong and it only takes around 30 minutes – 45 minutes to get to on a boat. It has all the culture aspects of it as well as the aesthetics of the modern arts.

You can visit Cheung Chau for hiking and for nature or you could go there for cultural experiences or just plain exploring.

I love visiting temples and there were 2 that I went to in Cheung Chau. Cheung Chau is a tourist spot so there are of course many souvenir shops, which have many handmade, unique stuff. From accessories to everyday things, it’s definitely something you will only really find there. The island is also very nice for photos, I just love this place!!! ^_^

I even made a travel vlog about Cheung Chau so check it out!!                                                       click ^_^ –> Let’s Go to Cheung Chau

I hope you all love Cheung Chau as much as I do!

Love, Chi-Ra ❤

Here are the photos:

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