Arts and Craft, Culture Travel – Okinawa

During December, I went to Okinawa island of Japan. It’s the southern most island of Japan that has it own unique culture that is slightly different from the typical Japanese Culture. It also has many craft culture, as they specialise in glass and clay. It’s a very unique place.I love the fact that most of the souvenirs that I bought for myself are ones that I can make myself.

If you want to see where I went and the food and the arts and craft, come check out myย youtube videoย ~ click it~~ ^_^

Since Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium had the largest glass panel in the world when they opened, it’s quite amazing! They have 2 whale sharks in it!!! It’s massive!!! The photo below isn’t even the full glass panel as I couldn’t fit it all in through my camera but it’s massive!!


There were also these garden eels which are sort of a mascot in Okinawa as well.ย 

I kind of fail to see how they are popular though -_-

They kind of look weird….but my sister and cousin likes them…..

One of the things I made is a gel candle at Ryukyu Glass Craft. I wanted an ocean theme candle so I used blue and white sand and had a glass manta ray and a whale shark in it. Originally the sand were in layers but I think i didn’t push it down so air was trapped in it. When the workers poured the gel in, the sand can move so in the end it became just mixed sand T_T



<– before the gel was poured in

After the gel was poured in there were lots of bubbles but they disappear after being in the sun for awhile. But then a really hot day happened and the giant air bubble came up from underneath the sand so even the sand came up T_T


<– after all the smaller bubbles disappeared but the giant bubble came up

You can also see how the sand isn’t in layers anymore, but that’s ok….






Just some random thing I want to share: the road signs in Japan is cute as ~

There was also a Pineapple Park in Nago, which basically is a garden of pineapple….like pineapples everywhere!! They taste so good!! If you love pineapple like me then, go there!

#familygoals ย  There was this filter camera that turns you into pineapple so lol my fam…. ^_^













The other thing I did was paint a Shisa! A shisa is a guardian beast of the temple, and they are usually put in front of doors to keep evil demon/spirits away and invite the good spirits. I did this at the Okinawa World Culture Kingdom.


Also since it’s Japan, there were lots of street cats that were really friendly so I went and pat them because who wouldn’t!!! That’s it for this blog post~ Hope you like my travel post because I love posting about the adventures I went on!!!

Love, Chi-Ra ~