A break before exam stress~ Humber

University final exams are like one week away and although everyone should be studying lots, sometimes you need a break here and there.

I went on a lunch break with my friends to Humber just in town on the weekimg_6733end. Although originally we wanted to sit on the roof top because it is very nice up there, the weather didn’t allow us. It was gloomy with a chance of rain so we sat inside.

On a bright sunny day, with clear blue sky, the roof top is the best place to sit. Humber in Wollongong is 3 stories tall in a triangular corner so the shape of place looks pretty unique.

The first floor is where the kitchen is with a coffee counter as well as tables and chairs.

Second floor is more of a bar style where at night, it’s a pretty chill place to be at.

The rooftop terrace has tables and chairs and also a bar but the bar is mostly for night as the rooftop bar which has really nice lighting at night.

I love Humber a lot because it has that unique feel that is aesthetically pleasing to me. A sort of vintage, quirky style, a very chill place to be!

We sort of sat right in the middle next to the window, so we were right next to kitchen. I was facing the coffee front counter and behind me is where the front door is. Our table was actually was in a nice space. It looks cramped in the photo but it actually isn’t.

There were four of us but for some reason, all my friends decided to order the chicken burger. I ordered a cheeseburger and we had some juices as drinks as well. Humber is not cheap, it cost me around $25 for a drink and the burger, but it is filling! The burgers taste amazing but be careful because there’s a lot of sauce and it always get really messy for me because the burger is huge and all the sauce are dripping out hahahaha. The chips are good although a bit too salty for me, it was literally chicken salt everywhere!!

I ordered a mix apple juice, so it has apple, pineapple, orange and something else in it. My friends got a melon juice so that has watermelon and other fruits in it. There was also the coconut juice that actually come as a whole coconut. I am not a big fan of coconut but my friend loved it!


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I do like Humber, it’s one of the restaurants that I love bringing people to because I love the atmosphere in that place. It’s a nice place for catch up, but if you are a poor uni student like me then probably only go there every now and then.

It’s an amazing place to get away from the stress of exams!!


Chi-Ra xx


Same time tomorrow? – Kürtösh Café

Kürtösh is a really cool café in Wollongong and Surry Hill. The one in Wollongong has a very cozy and vintage feel to it.

The door is very hard to see but once you find it, its really cool. Since it’s has that vintage feel, the lighting is quite dark.

The really good thing about Kürtösh is that you can choose the size of your cake slice. They have all kinds of cakes and you pay by the weight of the cakes. You can choose how much you want.

I love to try many different flavours so I go with a group of people and we all just share the cakes.

We shared this with about 10 people. We got a slice of Lemon Tart, Duo Mousse, Strawberry sponge cake, peanut butter cake, Salted caramel and Tiramisu. They also sell chimney cake (Kürtösh) which is a traditionally Hungarian pastry.

Personally, the Duo Mousse, Tiramisu and Strawberry Sponge is my favourite!  The cakes are made daily so they are fresh! They also do really good coffee. Chai Latte is my favourite!!!

Kürtösh really is a nice place to catch up with friends and family or just a place to get some cake for yourself 🙂


Chi-Ra xx