It’s here!! My first BodyLine Order. A Beginner in Lolita Fashion~

One of my hobbies is to dress as Lolita. Not the Lolita from the western definition but the Lolita Fashion of Japan.

Lolita Fashion is actually based on Britain’s Victorian fashion but now with a touch of cuteness and all from Japan. I am actually just a beginner so I don’t know much about all the rules and everything that comes with it. I love watching animes and I love Japan’s culture and I have come into contact with Lolita Fashion before but never really tried it.

Until I’ve met a friend who has been wearing lolita dress since Year 6 and now, 1st year uni I decided to try it out! At first I was sort of embarrass to dress like this in public but if I am with a group of people, who cares! It’s what you think, not what everyone else thinks! There were some people who complimented us when we first went out dress like this! I am sort of half way between wanting to dress like this and not~

I don’t mind letting random strangers seeing me dress like this but with the friends that I already have, I kind of don’t want them to know this hobby of mine…

So back to the actual thing I want to write about~ ^_^

This hobby is expensive!!!!!!!!…….the brand clothing are really expensive!!!! Most people recommend you to start off with BodyLine which is is more affordable. BodyLine is not considered as lolita in Japan but everywhere around the world should be fine with it. Their prices are very decent and affordable and sometimes they even have sales~ which is why I bought 2 dresses.

Their shipping was actually really fast this time. I ordered and then a week and a bit later, it’s already here!!! I ordered a one piece dress and a high waisted skirt.  I used standard airmail because EMS is expensive!!! It’s packaged nicely and folded.


The one piece dress I got is l534 in wine red colour. It’s like Alice in  Wonderland theme with all the cards. The cards looks like biscuits when you look at it up close






The red is very pretty and the lacings are very nice at the hem of the dress. The material is pretty good considering they were on sale and it costed 666¥.

I just wore it with a random blouse~, the dress comes with a black collar so I might need to find a blouse that doesn’t have collar or one that can match the dress. It looks very nice~ There’s a detachable bow for the front and back but I forgot to put it on 😛 the bow with the same pattern goes to the front while the black one is for the back of the collar. (I don’t really want to show my face since, it’s Summer in Australia at the moment and I don’t have any make up or anything on and I am all sweating and everything…..) There’s lacing in the back so you need to adjust it to make it fit you better


The second item is l305, the Antique Clock high waisted skirt in green.

The green actually looks lighter than the photo I took~ the brown and the green matches very well and I am happy with it. It’s kind of reminds me of mint and chocolate!









My petticoat is a secondhand one from my friend so it lost its fluff so the skirt doesn’t seem puffy but it’s such a nice dress.

The back has lacing so it needs to be adjusted.

It’s such an awesome print though!! ^_^

I am very happy with my purchases as you can tell and it really makes me happy to dress pretty like dolls!

Love, Chi-Ra ❤ ^_^


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