Mamak, Malaysian Roti and Satay

Last Saturday, I went to Sydney to catch up with a friend and for lunch we went to Mamak. They Sydney store is near China town just at the end of the road and up so it’s pretty close to the CBD.

Mamak is named after roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur and is famous for authentic and traditional flavours. They are also an award winning restaurant!

Normally, there is always a long line at the front of the restaurant but since we went after lunch time like around 3pm so it was pretty empty. Which was good because it is a small restaurant and can get really cramped when every place is filled. img_6524

^ see how empty it is, so it was quiet for us!

The staff was so nice, they made suggestions to us and asked whether we liked the food etc! They were really nice!

There was only two of us so we only order two dish. An egg roti and the chicken satay. The egg roti comes with 2 curries, a vegetarian one and an original curry i think and on the side is some chilli sauce. I can’t eat spice that much so we didn’t want to order really spicy things but the curry was good with the roti.

The chicken satay was amazing! I love the peanut satay sauce so much!!!!!! They also had beef but we chose the chicken one as the staff recommended the chicken one as well.


For dessert, we got the famous Roti Tisu! It stands up like a cone with a scoop of ice-cream as a side. It a butter roti with sugar but its made to be very thin and crispy! It’s also very big so I recommend it to be shared with someone else but you can also eat it all yourself hahaha!img_6533

Overall the price wasn’t bad and it was filling! Because I shared with my friend so when we split the price in half it was still under $20 so it was good!!! The restaurant is easy to get to and the staff are very nice. If you go in the off-peak hours, the place is actually very comfortable and quiet. But during peak hour, you might need to line up for a long time before going in and it’s pretty loud and cramped. The food is amazing so I recommend people to try this restaurant!!!


Chi-Ra xx


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