Same time tomorrow? – Kürtösh Café

Kürtösh is a really cool café in Wollongong and Surry Hill. The one in Wollongong has a very cozy and vintage feel to it.

The door is very hard to see but once you find it, its really cool. Since it’s has that vintage feel, the lighting is quite dark.

The really good thing about Kürtösh is that you can choose the size of your cake slice. They have all kinds of cakes and you pay by the weight of the cakes. You can choose how much you want.

I love to try many different flavours so I go with a group of people and we all just share the cakes.

We shared this with about 10 people. We got a slice of Lemon Tart, Duo Mousse, Strawberry sponge cake, peanut butter cake, Salted caramel and Tiramisu. They also sell chimney cake (Kürtösh) which is a traditionally Hungarian pastry.

Personally, the Duo Mousse, Tiramisu and Strawberry Sponge is my favourite!  The cakes are made daily so they are fresh! They also do really good coffee. Chai Latte is my favourite!!!

Kürtösh really is a nice place to catch up with friends and family or just a place to get some cake for yourself 🙂


Chi-Ra xx



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