SEVENTEEN 1st Asia Pacific Tour: Shining Diamonds 2016 Sydney

On 28th August 2016, I went to my first concert ever! It was SEVENTEEN’s first tour!!!!

I just recently got a new part time job and was able to pay for a concert ticket. For Sydney it was at Big Top at Luna Park.


This was my first time at Big Top. Although it wasn’t a big arena but it wasn’t small either. There was 2 moshpit areas for the fanmeet and sitting areas. I was in the sitting area near the back but I was still able to see them pretty well. Big Top is a good venue in my opinion.

The fanmeet starts at 6pm but my friend and I were there at 2 already because why not. There were fansite masters around who sold banners and merchandise and also gave out a lot of free stuff, so I collected a lot of stuff. I did still buy official merchandise.


We were not allowed cameras so I just used my phone 🙂

SEVENTEEN were amazing!! like in most live concerts, you don’t expect everyone to be really good but with SEVENTEEN when they weren’t actually singing, you can only hear the background music. Their voices were amazing and they didn’t really make mistakes! Their choreography were on point as well!!! They were just so good!! But then again SEVENTEEN and EXO are my most favourite group so yea 😀


Since Joshua spoke english, he was the emcee for both the Melbourne and Sydney fanmeet in Australia!!! Joshua is my bias so I was so happy to hear his voice for 2 hours!!! ^_^

Since it was a fanmeet, they did variety games as well as performance and it was fun to watch!! It was just amazing!!!


From the official merchandises, I’ve bought the light stick and both the shirts. One shirt for me and the other for my friend. The only thing I didn’t buy was the suspenders. Although they looked good, when will I ever have the chance to wear them? But I am happy with all the fans and photocards I’ve got for free on the day form the fansites 🙂


I’ve made a vlog about SEVENTEEN sydney fanmeet so check it out to see some of their performance and stuff!!! Click here –> SEVENTEEN Sydney Fanmeet 2016

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Chi-Ra xx ❤


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