Happiness Kit

Since I am a year 12 students, HSC is pretty close and I have just gone through trial.

These stressful time always manage to make everyone upset.
But my school’s St Vincent de Paul club decided to make these Happiness Kit for every year 12 students.
It was very unexpected and everyone was very touch by such small things.


Inside, there’s various item with meaning.

On the card, it listed the items and meanings.

A marble, so no one can say you’ve lost yours
A jewel, so you never lose your sparkle
A button, to press in case of panic
A star, to wish all your wishes upon
A rubber band, to stretch yourself beyond your limits
A piece of string, to tie things together if they fall apart


Something so simple and ordinary can become something that’s worth treasuring.
I hope everyone stress less and enjoy life to the max!


Chi-Ra xx


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